In collaboration with Bo&Bo from Israel, we are proud to announce a suite of Bobo Balance Products to the Singapore Market. 

These products are revolutionizing the fitness, training and rehabilitation fields, with customers that include physiotherapy clinics, professional fitness centers, leading hospitals, sports clinics, military outfits, personal trainers and more.

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Bobo Motion


Bobo Home

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Bobo Pro


Bobo Motion

Enables real-time joint motion tracking on your smartphone or tablet. You can build customized routines for your patients from an ever growing collection of important exercises for each joint or limb. The Bluetooth Motion Sensor accurately measures patient ROM and compliance.

Patient Monitoring - Quickly see how your patients are progressing with their therapy.

Gamified Experience - Motivational experience encourages patients to reach their goals.

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Bobo Home

A smart board that is mounted on traditional balance training products turning them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels. The user tilts the bobo home to control virtual games and training programs transforming balance and core training into a motivating and challenging game.


Bobo Pro

A smart board that is mounted on traditional balance-training products, turning them into integrative and smart training platforms.

Comes with an Android tablet that integrates all mobile tilt games into traditional balance training. Users are able to enjoy BoBo-provided games, professional training programs & many third-party tilt games, controlling them using the smart board.

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