Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • 10 session w/o TCM

    EsoGLOVE Pro (Roceso's Office @ Science Park 1)
    • Two or Three sessions per week for better recovery
    • Progress tracking
    • Free EMG muscle assessment during 1st & 10th session
  • 10 session w. TCM

    EsoGLOVE Pro & Acupuncture (Novahealth TCM Clinic @ Owen Rd)
    Valid for 3 months
    • EsoGLOVE Rehab Therapy with TCM (Acupuncture)
    • Acupuncture to improve spasticity and usage of EsoGLOVE
    • Higher chance of recovery
  • EsoGLOVE Home Rental

    Every month
    Ideal for Hand Rehabilitation at Home
    • EsoGLOVE™ Hand Rehabilitation System (incl. Software)
    • Excluding One-off Purchase of Glove (hygiene purpose)
    • Includes monthly EMG muscle assessment at your home
    • Free installation & training provided at your home