In collaboration with Gradient Labs from Germany, Roceso Technologies is proud to introduce SunBall to the Singapore market. 


It is an interactive rehabilitation tool that works on the principle of biological feedback and can be used for treatment in physiotherapy, ergotherapy including specialized neurorehabilitation.

Effective Therapy

Therapeutic Games

Therapy Analytics

Universal Usability

SunBall offers a way of exercise that improves patient's motivation and attention through interactive gaming tasks, which support neuroplastic brain changes and help the processes of motoric learning.

SunBall maintains constant pressure in the ball, processes sensor data and communicates with computer. The analytical data obtained offers the opportunity of objectivization patient's state improvement within the therapy.

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SunBall provides Biofeedback which enhances learning, games which allow patients to have fun while exercising, and the possibility for patients / therapists to track the patients' performance over time.


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