About Us

Roceso Technologies is a world-leading neurorehabilitation technology company based in Singapore. Its soft robotics, biosensing and digital health technologies provide functional assistance and neurotherapeutic solutions to patients with functional impairments during rehabilitation and daily living. The company’s flagship product, the EsoGLOVETM, is one of the world’s lightest hand rehabilitation and exoskeleton devices offering top functionality and comfort (Video).

Founded in 2016, Roceso Technologies is ISO13485:2016 certified and EsoGLOVETM Hand Rehabilitation System has been registered with the FDA, approved by EU CE, Singapore HSA, Japan FDA, Korea MFDS, Malaysia MDA, and Australia TGA. 

On top of the EsoGLOVETM system, Roceso Technologies is also offering rehabilitation assessment, gamification, and platform technologies (Video). The company has clinical partners around the globe and a distribution network in more than 30 countries. 

Our Confidence in Quality