The CygniCONNECT™ platform is a data-driven, digital health solution that seamlessly integrates Roceso Technologies’ product ecosystem. The platform allows clinicians and therapists to collect, synchronize, and share data among designated clinics, rehabilitation centres, communities, and homes. With this powerful tool, therapists can conduct telerehab, monitor their patients’ rehabilitation training programs, evaluate patient’s performances using data collected from connected devices, and make adjustments to the complexity of the training tasks in real time. This ensures that each patient receives a highly personalized and optimized rehabilitation therapy experience.

Roceso’s portable systems allow the patient to start therapy in the hospital and continue in the home environment. Enhancing the portability of devices can provide patients with the freedom to engage with digital health content without any limitations on movement, leading to improved usability and the ability to undergo rehabilitation from non-clinical environments. 

Analytics module allows therapists to track the recovery progress. Quantifiable results allows patients to monitor their own progress and stay on track in their recovery journey.

Prescription module allows therapists to remotely tailor training programs according to the needs of their patients. 

Upcoming features include the integration of AI adaptive learning engine, which assesses the patient performance from the data collected from the devices and modifies the complexity of the training task accordingly, ensuring a more optimized and personalized rehabilitation therapy.

Clinicians' Benefits

Patients' Benefits