Detection of motor intention through sEMG


Provide biofeedback that promotes relearning


Flexor & extensor assessment


An added feature to the EsoGLOVE™, the EsoGLOVE™ Myo, provides training via the acquisition of myoelectric signals through surface EMG (sEMG) sensors.

sEMG sensors provide biofeedback through continuous monitoring of muscle activity.

EsoGLOVE™ Myo integrates sEMG sensors for upper limb therapy, incorporating graphical visualisation for recovery progress monitoring as part of a dynamic approach to monitor patients experience and performance.


Additionally, EsoGLOVE™ Myo features a muscle signal assessments function of extensors and flexors, allows clinicians to observe changes in muscle activities while exploring different motor movements for that can aid in motor relearning during therapy.

Therapists' Benefits

Patients' Benefits