CygniSENSETM Motion is a sensor-based therapeutic device for upper limb rehabilitation. This device allows the patient to train muscle strength, range of motion and dexterity of hand, wrist, and forearm through specific exercises and games, with the goal of improving overall functional abilities. It can assist in assessing patient’s performance and functional abilities.







CygniSENSETM Motion detects multiple upper-limb movements:

  • Finger Flexion-Extension
  • Wrist Flexion-Extension
  • Wrist Radial-Ulnar Deviation
  • Forearm Pronation-Supination
  • Horizontal Arm Movements (Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward Reach)

It also contains multiple interactive games, with the combination of virtual hand, audio and visual feedback to engage the patient.


Variety of assessment, exercises, and games for different patient condition


Ensure patients are kept engaged & entertained


Allows full range of motion exercises
(arm, wrist, and hand movements)


Ability to track patient performance & generate reports

The reports consist of various performance metrics such as range of motion (ROM) of each joint, which boost patient’s motivation to set up goals and assist therapists in tracking and monitoring patient’s progress.

The reports also consist of various training metrics such as training duration, training repetition, game duration and game score, which can be exported for further analysis.

Patient Care Showcase

Using CygniSENSETM Motion game module to train hand closing/opening, wrist extension, and horizontal arm movements (Left-Right, Forward Reach)

Product Video

"Regaining self reliance in a data driven and fun way"

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    How to trial or get hold of the CygniSENSE™ Motion in Singapore?

    Home rental programme is available in Singapore. You will be assessed by a professional therapist who provides advice on how CygniSENSETM Motion can help you in your recovery journey. Please contact us or go to the website below to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can purchase directly from the link below.