Advanced Neurorehabilitation System for Hand Rehabilitation

The EsoGLOVE™ Pro is a state-of-the-art neurorehabilitation system that utilizes cutting-edge soft robotic technology to help patients with neurological disorders, including stroke, recover upper limb motor functions. This system is designed to allow patients to carry out upper-limb rehabilitation with multiple training modes, such as passive training, active-assisted range of motion training, and bilateral training.


The passive training mode, including continuous passive motion training, enables early-mobilization in the acute phase, while the active training mode strengthens communication between the brain and body and stimulates neuroplasticity. Additionally, the EsoGLOVE™ Pro offers functional task training, which allows users to train not only their hands but also their entire upper limb through action observation therapy. Bilateral training allows patients to practice mirror therapy and motor imagery, enhancing patients’ abilities in action planning and motor execution.


The EsoGLOVE™ Pro is an innovative solution for patients with neurological disorders seeking to regain their upper limb motor functions and improve their quality of life. This hand rehabilitation system is portable, comfortable, lightweight, and user-friendly. It has obtained medical-grade safety certificates internationally and is home healthcare certified, allowing patients to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

Value Propositions

Action Observation Therapy

Action Observation Therapy is a scientifically well-grounded and effective method of intervention to improve motor functions among Stroke patients. During training, patients usually observe on-screen actions and try to imitate the actions.


With EsoGLOVE™, patients with spastic* or flaccid hands are able to carry out the rehabilitative trainings, thereby helping them to gradually regain and relearn their hand motor functions. This is made possible with the versatility of EsoGLOVE™, as it allows users to interact with real objects even while wearing the glove, which will further enhance the learning process.

* MAS Level < 3


As patients relearn their hand motor functions via passive, active and functional task trainings, the brain undergoes structural and functional reorganisation. This is possible due to the innate ability of our brain – Neuroplasticity.

Coupled with Action Observation Therapy, the brain is able to rebuild neuronal connections between the nerves as patients observe and execute task exercises. The simultaneous visual effects and proprioceptive feedback (feeling and seeing hand and arm movements) are associated to stimulate patient’s neuroplasticity. Through high repetition, the communication between neurons are strengthened, thereby allowing the brain to relearn motor movements over time.

Therapists' Benefits

  • Light & Portable
  • Passive & Active Exercises
  • High Repetition
  • Fast Setup
  • Increased Productivity

Patients' Benefits

  • Functional Task Trainings
  • Lightweight
  • High Intensity
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-to-follow Instructions

Patient Care Showcase

EsoGLOVE™ helps reduce muscle tone after a stroke

EsoGLOVE™ improves the hand opening function of a stroke survivor

Bilateral Functional Task Trainings with Electrical Stimulation

Product Video

"Regaining self reliance in the most natural and efficient way"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EsoGLOVE™ is a hand rehabilitation device, which allows neurologically affected patients to conduct high repetition hand rehabilitation training at the comfort of their homes. In a rehabilitation centre, EsoGLOVE assists therapists in their normal activities, capable of intensifying rehabilitative treatment on the patient and offering a longer period of training with minimal supervision. The software offers multiple exercises, which allows the therapists to conduct personalized therapy based on the patient’s clinical requirements.

EsoGLOVE™ allows passive mobilization exercises and active-assisted exercises, accompanied by real-time 3D representation on screen and functional tasks training with real objects.

Key Features:

  1. Continuous Passive Motion: Passively mobilizes the distal interphalangeal, proximal interphalangeal, and metacarpophalangeal joints of the hand without active movements by patients. Supports early hand mobilization in the acute phase.
  2. Functional Task Training: Trains patient in performing critical functional tasks in daily living, such as gripping and tripod-pinching, while interacting with real objects.
  3. Action Observation Therapy: Real-time 3D representation of the tasks, simultaneous visual effects and proprioceptive feedback.
  4. Intention Detection: Detects the residual movements of the patients and assists if necessary.

The glove (which is worn on the patient’s hand) is made of biocompatible fabric materials. As such, there are no metal parts and it is safe to use. The glove has passed the biocompatibility tests as per ISO10993-1 requirements.

Additionally, the EsoGLOVE™ system has passed the IEC60601-1 standard, which is the international standard for the basic safety and essential performance of medical electrical equipment

The set up of EsoGLOVE™ is straightforward, users will be provided with a set of user manual for reference. For patients who rent from us, we will do the set up of EsoGLOVE™ software in your home computer, followed by a training session on the set up of EsoGLOVE™ for daily usage for the patient’s caregiver. The average time taken to set up the system is less than 5 minutes.

The effect of EsoGLOVE™ varies from person to person, as it is an automated device that helps in hand rehabilitation in high repetition. It also requires the patient to remain focused and motivated throughout the rehabilitation session, which is crucial in the relearning and retraining of hand motor movements, as well as in stimulating neuroplasticity. We have seen patients with improved grip strength and reduced spasticity after months of EsoGLOVE™ training.

The current EsoGLOVE™ system consists of 16 passive and 17 active training exercises. In passive training exercises, the patients can train their hands in cyclic and functional task scenarios through pre-programmed settings such as speed and exercise duration. These exercises train and assist patients in grasping, tripod-pinching, pinching, thumb opposition and individual finger movements. Similarly in active training exercises, the patients can train their hands in cyclic and functional task scenarios. The system will detect the residual movements of the patients and assists if necessary.

The recommended frequency to use EsoGLOVE™ is at least one hour per day, and to use it daily.

Currently, we do rental for patients based in Singapore. Please contact us at or fill in the form under Contact Us. We will get back to you.


Regulatory Compliance

ISO13485:2016 Certification by TUV SUD
US FDA Class II Rehabilitation System
CE Class IIa Certification by TUV-SUD
Singapore Health Science Authority Class B Approval
Biocompatibility tests per ISO10993-1 requirements
Electrical safety tests per IEC 60601-1 requirements
Electromagnetic compatibility tests per IEC 60601-1-2 requirements
Home healthcare certification per IEC 60601-1-11 requirements

How to trial or get hold of the EsoGLOVE™ in Singapore?

Roceso Technologies have extended a clinical arm – Cygni Advanced Neurorehabilitation Centre – in Singapore! You will be assessed by a professional therapist who provides advice on how EsoGLOVETM can help you in your recovery journey, either through the centre’s personalized treatment programme or home rental programme.

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